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Introduction: Digital exclusion, through lack of access and poor digital skills, can have an adverse impact on daily living. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impact the necessity of technology in our daily lives, but also reduced the availability of digital skills programmes. This study aimed to explore perceived facilitators and barriers of a digital skills programme that was delivered remotely (online) and to reflect on this form of training as a possible alternative to traditional face-to-face models.

Methods: Individual interviews were carried out with programme participants and the programme instructor.

Results: Two themes were generated from this data: (a) Creating a unique learning environment; and (b) Encouraging further learning.

Discussion: Barriers to digital delivery were evident, however, the individual and personalized delivery empowered participants within their own learning, supporting individuals to learn skills relevant to them and to continue their digital learning journey.

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Exploring and Evaluating the War Widows InTouch Programme


Digital technology is one method to facilitate social connection. Social interaction being considered as one of the central motivations for older adults being online. The programme provided members of the War Widows’ Association (WWA) with the tools to empower individuals digitally, and to support the development of new skills to connect with others online. The project aimed to connect members of the WWA across the UK, as well as improve their digital access, digital confidence, and digital skills.


This study was carried out independently, aiming to explore and evaluate the implementation and running of the programme. This study aimed to examine the perceived impact of the intervention(s) from the perspective of participants and the instructor, reflect on the perceived facilitators and barriers to implementing the intervention(s), and map perceived changes to social isolation, loneliness, and well-being.

Full Reference

Northumbria University Newcastle, 2022. Exploring and Evaluating the War Widows InTouch Programme. Report prepared for The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.


Amy Johnson, Mary Moreland, G. Wilson-Menzfeld, Jessica Gates, Helen Raw

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Does Breastfeeding Boost IQ? A Critical Review of Observational Studies

As part of the neuroscience module during 3rd year of my Forensic Psychobiology Degree, I wrote an A+ paper which was submitted to the student arm of the Psychologist Magazine. After going through the peer-review process, it was published in the September 2015 issue of psych-talk


I graduated with Honours in July 2016.

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